Full-stack web engineer

Michael Rambeau (ミカエル ランボー), 45 years old, French
Residing in Osaka, Japan since April 2010
Creator of Best of JS and Rising Stars projects


  • French: native speaker
  • English: Business level, TOEIC 960 points (2011)
  • Japanese: Intermediate level, JLPT N3 (2012)


  • Frontend: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, CSS-in-JS, TailwindCSS, Next.js, Remix, ChakraUI, XState
  • UI/UX: Attention to details, committed to deliver the best UX with accessibility best practices in mind
  • Mobile: Responsive Web Design
  • Backend: Node.js APIs, Express, Meteor, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS (S3, SQS, ECR, ECS...), Vercel serverless
  • Testing: Jest, Mocha, Tape

Work experience

2019 ⇒ Present (3 years)
Osaka, Japan (remote)

Full-stack web development at Medmain

  • Design, develop and maintain web applications made with React / TypeScript / Node.js
  • Develop and monitor image upload and processing workflows on AWS (ECR, ECS, SQS, EC2, S3...)
  • Build React components to let users annotate medical images provided by hospitals in order to train AI models
2018 (1 year)
Osaka, Japan

React expert at Pactera Japan

  • Code Review and development about a Single-Page Application built with React, for Fast Retailing Co. Ltd client
  • Teaching good practices and patterns about ES6 and React to a team of offshore developers located in China
2016 ⇒ 2018 (18 months)
Kyoto, Japan

Full-stack Web engineer at Bento&Co

Development and maintenance of shipandco.com, a web application built on top of Meteor

  • Introduced modern JavaScript techniques: ES6 modules, testing, linting, Functional Programming patterns...
  • MongoDB maintenance and migration scripts
2014 ⇒ 2016 (18 months)
Osaka, Japan

Web developer / UI-UX specialist at FirstServer

Research and development about a Customer Portal web application UI/UX.

  • Created a responsive prototype of customer portal application using Single Page Application architecture and React components
  • Research and proposal to improve promotion web site eficiency and customer registration process
  • Introduced JavaScript latest technologies into a Rails application: React, Redux, ES6, Unit testing
2011 ⇒ 2014 (3 years)
Osaka, Japan

Web developer at Brastel Telecom

In charge of the brastelremit.jp web site, a money transfer service from Japan to locations overseas that was launched in March 2012.

  • Created all pages of the Brastel Remit web site: implemented the layout provided by the Design team (XHTML) and made the page dynamic using web services provided by the System team (XSL - XML).
  • Spearheaded changes to make the web site "mobile-friendly" using the "responsive design" approach
  • Coordinated between the design and system teams in order to implement dynamic pages
  • Maintenance and updates to the Brastel Telecom website (international calling services)
2004 ⇒ 2010 (6 years)
Toulouse, France

Lotus Domino expert at Air France

In charge of the development and the maintenance of a pool of intranet web applications powered by Lotus Notes Domino.

  • Web Toolkit Project : design of web components using Ajax technology for Air France developers
  • Support and Assistance for Air France developers.
  • e-letter Project : mass-mailing application using HTML MIME format to send a newsletters to all AirFrance employees.
  • e-slots Project : a new application allowing users to manage departures and arrivals of Air France Cargo trucks.
  • Taught courses on best practices for developing web applications with Lotus Notes Domino
2001 ⇒ 2004 (3 years)
Paris, France

Lotus Notes developer at CCR (reinsurance company)

  • CAP Project : Customer Relationship Manager integrated into users' mailboxes, automatic archive from mailbox.
  • Company Shared Agenda integrated with personal user agendas.
  • Log Analysis : application for Lotus Notes Administrators with daily scheduled agents sending e-mails.
2001 (7 months)
Paris, France

Lotus Notes developer at GPA (insurance company)

  • Maintained an application storing reports on interviews between employees and their managers, complete with secured access control.
  • Built a workflow to fix issues that occurred with the switch to the Euro currency


Bachelor's degree in Physics, University of Pau, France 1999