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Best of JS is a web application that gathers the most significant open-source projects related to web technologies: and Node.js: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML CSS...

Projects are classified under tags to let users search and compare projects in categories such as UI frameworks, React components, Node.js frameworks...

It's a way to stay up-to-date about the latest trends as Best of JS shows the trends over the last days, weeks and months. New projects are constantly added (and removed too!).

Background: why Best of JS?

JavaScript and web technologies are advancing faster than ever, we are going full-speed on innovation. Amazing open-source projects are released almost everyday, so it's hard to keep up-to-date about the trends.

  • What are the most popular projects right now, over the last weeks or over the last months?
  • What are the most relevant projects related to a given tag: the best Node.js framework? The best testing tools?

To answer those questions, I built Best of JS.

Every day, Best of JS aggregates data from Github about more than 2000 projects related to Node.js and the web platform.


  • Next.js 14 application with React Server Components
  • Components form shadcn/ui
  • Styling with TailwindCSS
  • Node.js API using serverless functions hosted on Vercel
  • MongoDB Database hosted on MongoDB Cloud service to store data related to projects tracked by Best of JS
  • Hosted on Vercel
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JavaScript Rising Stars


JavaScript Rising Stars is the annual round-up of the JavaScript landscape.

Since 2016, at the end of every year, I analyze data from Best of JS and I provide rankings about the growth of the open source projects tracked by Best of JS.

The goal is to provide an overview of the trends over the last 12 months, by category:

  • UI frameworks
  • Node.js frameworks
  • React eco-system
  • Tooling
  • ...

Over the time, the project has gathered some traction and we have a team of contributors who made the project available in several languages:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

In addition to raw data, we provide analysis and insights about the evolution of the JavaScript landscape.


  • Built with Astro framework
  • Interactivity provided by htmx library
  • Hosted on Vercel
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